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Hey Penguins,

Happy New Year! It’s finally 2018, and with the New Year we’re bringing you an all-new website: penguinoasis.com!

The new website is one of many big updates this year! Since the website is brand new, you may stumble across some bugs and issues. Please be sure to report it to our team through the support system as always. With this updated website, we’re introducing quite a few new features that we think you’ll love.

Private Messenger

Our brand new private messenger allows you to chat with your friends in real-time. Not only does it make chatting easier and faster, but it also brings a highly requested feature with it: group chatting! Group chats can now be created and can include up to 10 buddies at a time. We’re still working on perfecting the Messenger, so if you have any ideas or issues, let us know.



Support System

We’ve rebuilt the Frequently Asked Questions and merged it with the Support System! You can now easily view frequently asked questions by selecting a category and then selecting a question. If you still need help, simply scroll down and click on Create Ticket.

Support System

Kik Bot

Ever wanted to manage your account, view your online buddies, or get notifications while you weren’t on the Penguin Oasis website? Now you can! While logged into the account manager, you can now connect your Kik account to your Penguin Oasis account so that you can do the tasks listed above. On top of that, the Penguin Oasis Kik bot can give you answers to frequently asked questions and more! You can manage your notification settings through the account manager to choose whether you would like to receive all, some, or no notifications.

Besides the main features displayed above, there are many other small updates and changes! Over the next few days we’ll be listening to your website suggestions very closely so we can develop the website and messenger exactly how everyone wants it to be! Submit a support ticket here with your suggestions.

That’s all for now!

Have a great New Year,
Penguin Oasis Team


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